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     Farewell Ceremony...

A life lived is a life to be celebrated with a farewell in the form of a 'Celebration of Life' ceremony to ease the pain of grief that you as a family and friends, are experiencing at the loss of a loved one.

With your guidance, I will reflect on the life that has left...

through the sadness of their loss which will bring tears, with memories of their existence which will bring warmth and joy of their spirit which will bring laughter... with the reciting of anecdotal tales that will transport you to unforgettable moments shared.

I enter your life as a stranger, support you in your grief as we talk, listen intently as you share memories in time, develop an understanding of who you have lost and deliver their life story with dignity and compassion as though I had known them in person... the ultimate privilege. 


My ceremonies can include readings/poems/music/symbolism that reflect your loved one and meet your wishes.




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