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     Naming Ceremony...


A ceremony that has been around for centuries, but of late, has become a popular trend in modern society.  So why have a 'naming ceremony' and not a christening or a baptism, well it is all about choice, as not all parents consider themselves religious but still wish to mark the occasion of naming their child and celebrating with family and friends. 

Similarly, an 'adoption ceremony' is seen as a perfect way to welcome into a family an adopted child(ren) with a celebration to start their journey of bonding and developing an understanding of the love that their new family has for them.


Also, 'blending ceremonies' allowing couples who have children from previous relationships to bring their respective children together, involving fun rituals, such as sand blending or family tree fingerpainting, a visual representation of two families becoming one.  

The beauty of these ceremonies is that they can be held in your home, garden or open air (weather permitting) or anywhere that suits your budget.


A wonderful day that can include, recital of nursery rhymes or poems, narration of passages from a child's favourite book or a family member singing a 'pop song'... a momentous occasion it would be!


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